The Origin Story


Benjamin Nimkin fell into sound mixing –
Several years ago Ben was working as an Editor for a small production company in Brooklyn. While walking home one evening Ben tripped and fell into the fence of a vacant lot. Cursing, Ben picked himself up and began to look for the offending object. There on the ground, wedged into the fence was a Boom Pole. It had no markings on it, and it had clearly been there for some time.
“Hmmmmm,” thought Ben, “could this be a sign?” Ben did not believe in such things, but this inspiring object appeared at a very auspicious time. Ben had grown weary of sitting in front of a computer, he longed to be out in the field gathering the stories, breathing that fresh air.
Ben grasped the Boom Pole from off the ground. He could feel a surge of energy coming from within the object. Some have called it destiny. Ben prefers to call it “saying ‘Yes’ to good things.” From that moment on Ben became a production sound mixer and he lives a life of wonder and adventure.